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Posted by Typewriter
on Nov 13 at 6:47 AM
Hi Pradeep,

Glynn C Williams has explained text determination in a very clear manner. Go ahead and read it.
Also lots of explanation of basic functions (including text) is available on the internet for free.

Your initial post could be more details - e.g.
- Do you need to pull the text from CMR or MMR or Quotation into your sales order? Or from what source into your sales order?
- You could configure text in delivery. Again from where do you want to extract the text in order to populate the text in delivery header or item level?
Please describe your requirement in more detail. If you have specific issues in text, that might make it easier for forum members to help you.

General theory of Text -
- Text Objects is a "place" where one can create Text types
e.g. Text object KNVV, text type 0001, 0002, Z001 etc.
- In a text object one can create Text procedures
e.g. Text object KNVV, text procedure ZZ
- Text procedure contains a group of text types
e.g. ZZ shall contain 0001, Z001
- This text procedure is then assigned to customer account group
e.g. ZZ to 0001 Sold To party
- Then when you go to XD01, Sales Area data, Edit>Text; you can see the description of Text types 0001 and Z001.
In Sales note for customer (0001) user can give text = This customer shall get an extra discount till end of this year
or For this customer DONOT arrange transporter

This is how text works for CMR

Now for Text object VBBK (say Sales doc header)
- Text object VBBK, text type 0001
- Text object VBBK, text procedure ZZ
- ZZ shall contain 0001
- ZZ to OR sales document type
- An access sequence is assigned to Text type 0001
- Via this access sequence the text is extracted from CMR and populated in the the sales document (i.e. sales order)
The access sequence could be 1 which would have Text object = KNVV, Text type = 0001, Partner = AG (sold to)
- Then in VA01, in the sales order, Header level, Tab Texts, user can see for text type 0001 - This customer shall get an extra discount till end of this year
or For this customer DONOT arrange transporter (or anything that is setup)
- Functionality of Text as Mandatory, Text as copy or reference, Text as Popup are also available. You can explore these by doing some tests.

User can also see "Analysis" by clicking on button "Display logs" in Tab Texts (either header or item level)

With practice/tests and re-reading, text would become easy. Good luck!

On a general note, if any post has helped you, then you could mark it as helpful by clicking on the thumbs-up icon to the right of each post.

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I want to create a text,it has to appear in such a way that during during sales order creation,post goods issue (picking & packing). Kindly let me know how to determine text at this case

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