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Posted by Typewriter
on Nov 5 at 1:15 PM

I totally agree with your suggestion of getting more business process information from the thread owner, thereby we could advice / suggest with less assumptions.

I also agree with your comments "It is not enough that they perform to the technical
expectation, it is absolutely necessary that they conform to the business
process requirement,..."

Thanks for your post!

Let's hope for some input - about the business process and the questions put forward by you - from Adriano (the thread owner).

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From: Adriano Lopez
Sent: Thursday, September 22, 2011 11:22 PM
Subject: Pricing Procedure for Indirect Sales

Hello experts,

We have a requirement like this:

1) Material X is sold to a dealer at $100 ( list price) - 10 (Discount) = $90
2) Dealer sells the product to end user for $50.
3) Dealer claims the loss he suffered (i.e. 90-50 = 40) plus 10% profit on his cost of $90.
4) Credit memo is issued to dealer to credit $49 ($40 + 10% of $90).
5) Sold-to record of both dealers and indirect customers exist in the system.

What would be the best way to issue credit to the customer through pricing procedure?

Thank you,


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