RE:[sap-log-sd] Avialability Check is not Happening for Material

Posted by Typewriter
on Nov 5 at 12:57 PM
In my view, the controls for Availability check are in MMR (availability check, in MMR3) and checking rule OVZ9 or Schedule line category VOV6 and for delivery in delivery item category in 0vlp (zeroVLP).

Please check with another material for the same plant.
Check for this material (Quantity = 80) with different delivery plant.

Inform us about the results, thank you!

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From: Avik Ghosh
Sent: Saturday, November 05, 2011 11:21 AM
Subject: Avialability Check is not Happening for Material

Hi gurus,

I am seeing a problem in our system that for a material related to some particular plant is not doing any Availability check for the open quantity even if this material is not having that amount of Order Quantity, Suppose the Material is used in a Sales Order where Order Quantity is 70, In total Quantity is 80. Now in other Order when the same material is added with order quantity of 14, it's not showing any warning.
Please suggest why it's happening so.


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