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Posted by Typewriter
on Nov 2 at 6:06 AM
Hi Sumanth.G,

Another way could be to have a PP (pricing procedure) which is assigned to your billing type. In this PP for with the help of requirement or AltCaltype donot let Pricing type B get processed for the select condition types.

In copy control have pricing type = B

Thus tax and freight condition types shall be redetermined along with ALL condition types in the PP except the onces that have been "forced" to remain the unchanged.

Comments are welcome. If you could tell why the customer does NOT want pricing type B, it would help.

Good luck!
Jim, Experts,

Any specific reason why there is no pricing type which combines G and H, in standard configuration? Thank you, in advance!

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From: Sumanth gururaj
Sent: Wednesday, November 02, 2011 5:46 AM
Subject: Condition Types not getting Updated

To make it more clear

FOB Price = 'Base Price' - (sum of ' frieght' & 'insurance')

The above logic is in Alt calc Type :12 & is assigned to 'FOB Price' in
pric proc.

'Freight' & 'insurance' are MANUAL HEADER conditions.

Now, with G,
at header level in invoice, when we enter 'freight' & 'insurance' manually,
*the 'FOB Price' is NOT getting calculated*. ( in 'condition value' column).

With B, the 'FOB Price' is getting calculated' ( as described above)

The problem, is the client does NOT want to use B ( for certain unclear

Any other pricing types, which you suggest?

Request an expert to kindly guide me on this.

Immediate help would be appreciated.


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