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Posted by Typewriter
on Nov 24 at 10:26 AM
Hi Sridhara,

Many thanks for your post! I have marked it as helpful.
Is there no way without coding?

To answer your question -
In CMR PY, Terms of payment = 0002
In condition record for K004, Terms of payment = 0003

When user creates a sales order, with PY (above) and condition type K004, then at header level Payment Terms = 0002, and at line item Payment Terms = 0003 AUTOMATICALLY set by the system.

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Subject: Changes in Payment Terms in Sales Orders


I need one clarification from you...If a particular discount condition type
value is active in my sales order that line item should have a specific
Payment Terms--whether the system is determining the Payment terms
automatically @ line item level diff from that of the header? if yes how?

I think the user is entering these payment terms manually itemwise based on
this disc condition type..Requirement is that when the condition is deleted
from the pricing conditions at the item level,for that item the system
should automatically replace the payment terms with payment terms of the
header level..

if this is the requirement,it can be achieved through user exit
MV45AFZZ,ask your Tech consultant to make changes at FORM

from table VBKD field ZTERM value to table VBKD field ZTERM with itemwise
check should be kept linking that disc condition type..


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