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Posted by Typewriter
on Nov 24 at 10:19 AM

The above is NOT possible. The CuPP is taken from SP CMR and NOT from SH!

Please check in SH (account group 0002) if there is field CuPP.

Furthermore, you can have many UNUSED condition types in your pricing procedure. That is no problem. In another scenario, in the same pricing procedure, many condition types are used i.e. valid condition records are found by the system.

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From: Harsha Halyal
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Subject: Two Ship to Party

@ Typewriter

According to me in pricing procedure ZRVA01 (Mumbai SH)it may contains set of conditions types (namely tax, fright, discounts ..etc) which is there in other pricing procedure ZRVA02 (Bangalore SH) or it may have other condition types also. So that is why prices may get vary for Mumbai ( 100 $) and Bangalore SH (150 $).

So if you maintain two pricing procedure like below


PHHH PH PH 1(DPP) B(CPP for Bangalore SH) ZRVA02 ZPRO

Can it be possible if not why not ..?

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