Re: [sap-log-sd] Warning vs. Error Message in In-completion Procedure

Posted by SAP_OTC (SD)
on Nov 2 at 2:00 PM
Hi Typewriter, I believe making changes to the code is what I will have to do.

It would've been nice to avoid that; but ultimately is not that complicated really.

I have marked your post helpful as well.


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Subject: Warning vs. Error Message in In-completion Procedure


Thank you for your posts! They are clear and informative. I have marked your last post as helpful.

Could you consider the possibility of changing the code so that even if the user adds the Order reason just before saving the sales order (i.e. at a "later" stage, not when he/she is at the initial page) the Z Table shall STILL be accessed?

I think this would be a better and long-term way (if other changes are done in the sales order, later on). Then NOT saving an incomplete order would be a standard (without coding) way to solve this issue.

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