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Posted by SAP_OTC (SD)
on Nov 16 at 1:40 PM
Hi Typewriter, the truth is that our goal was to have a specific Inventory Posting, to a specific G/L Account.

The Movement Type itself in the three cases, I believe it's a copy of the standard 601; but depending on the Order Reason it had to go to a specific G/L.

There were 3 different G/L's they needed, so, basically what I did was to create a Z Table based on Order Reason that would tell me what Schedule Line Category I was supposed to propose for the selected Order Reason since obviously the same Material could be used under any of the created Order Reason. So, I created 3 Schedule Line Categories, each one pointing to a specific Movement Type, each one pointing to the desired G/L via MM's Account Determination.

The Inventory Posting is :

CR Inventory
DR G/L they needed depending on the Order Reason.

Normally for that DR you post to the COGS Account, in this case, for Free Goods, depending on the Reason for those Free Goods, they post to a specific G/L Account.

Hopefully this is what you were looking for.

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In your post you mentioned that by changing the order reason, the schedule line category changes accordingly. And each one of those Schedule Line Categories point to a specific movement type which in turn go to a specific G/L Account for Inventory Postings.

Could you please elaborate on the multiple movement types being used vis-a-vis Order reasons, and some explanation on their inventory posting? This would help me in my current analysis for a potential solution for a business requirement.

Many thanks, in advance!

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