[sap-log-sd] BOM's Cumulate Cost Indicator in Billing Copy Control

Posted by SAP_OTC (SD)
on Nov 16 at 10:41 AM
We are using BOM definition for what the Client calls "Kits".

Pricing is done for the Header Item and BOM's Components are not Billable, only the Header Item. That's all working OK, it's been there for some time already.

The Header Item, which identifies basically the Kit, has a Cost in the Material Master that is not always accurate and the Finance Department ultimately wants the Cost to be the sum of the Components that are part of the BOM.

We configured the "Cumulate Cost" indicator in the Copy Control for the Delivery-related option. That works OK as well.

The issue that we are facing is, there are some BOM's that have Components coming from different Plants, for example :

BOM #1 Plant A, BOM consists of :
Component #1 Plant A
Component #2 Plant A
Component #3 Plant A
Component #4 Plant B
Component #5 Plant B

As a result of this, Component #1, #2, #3 and the KIT (Header Item) go all together under the same Delivery as they all share the same Plant / Shipping Point.

Component #4 and #5 go together under a different Delivery as they come from a different Plant.

Since as I said before, the Components are non-billable, the only Delivery that is relevant for Billing is the one where the KIT (Header Item) is, the other one is not.

SAP does cumulate the Cost only for the Components that are in the Delivery for Plant A.

How does SAP address this scenario?

Even if my Components were billable, under the scenario that I have, I would have two Deliveries and even if both Deliveries flowed into the same Invoice, SAP wouldn't really know that Components #4 and #5 are part of the BOM because they are flowing in the process on their own. I don't think the standard "Cumulate Cost" indicator covers this scenario.

Has anyone worked with this indicator and with this kind of BOM's?

Your help will be greatly appreciated.
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