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Posted by sarat
on Nov 1 at 6:00 AM
Mr. Typewriter,

Thanks for your response. I have suggested the same, using route. But the client wants the order entry staff to capture the distance in miles in the sales order. I know it is not a sound idea and to what purpose. Hence need to include a new field to capture this data.

LZONEL has been added to pricing field catalog through option allowed fields.

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Hi Sarat,

Please give some examples of values filled by users in the sales orders in field(s) like Distance in miles (currently not available).

In VA01, for the same Delivering plant, ShipTo (shipping point and route), in field "Distance" the user can fill 50miles, or 55miles, or 75miles. Can that be the case?
The above means for the same route R1 there could be variable distance traveled by the truck (train etc.).

I have gone through the pricing field catalog, to get some fields that could be used and are already there in the standard functionality. Please take a look at ShipTo TXREG_ST, ShipFrom TXREG_SF etc.

The concept I am thinking about is if a condition table can be created with Starting point and Ending point. And put in the freight condition type. And then create condition records for the various values. Then system shall find a valid condition record based on the Start, End point in the sales order and populate the value of the freight condition type.

But easiest would be have set miles for Routes (R1 = 60miles, R2 = 55miles etc.) then you can use condition technique and get the freight values in the sales order automatically.

Where can one find Destination zone (LZONEL)?

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