[sap-log-sd] How to configure - special - Rush order?

Posted by Typewriter
on Oct 28 at 4:47 AM
Orders are created by Office1, company
Deliveries are created by Office2, warehouse admin office

Business doesNOT want automatic creation of deliveries, NOT even in the case of Rush order or Cash sale process. All deliveries MUST be created by Office2 (for better control)

For the rush orders being created by Office1 in the week-ends; Office2 doesnot have staff to create deliveries.

I am thinking of a process in which RO shall be created by Office1, a printout of that order shall be sent to the warehouse. On the basis of that printout the picking and loading of truck shall be done.
NO creation of delivery.

On the following Monday, Office2 shall create delivery, do the picking, PGI in the system.

What could be risks associated with this setup?

Many thanks, in advance!
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