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Posted by Typewriter
on Oct 28 at 4:39 AM
Hi Harsha,

My question is more from the perspective of two different offices (Sales orgs or Sales offices), the ordering sales org creating F2 billing document and sending to the external customer. And the delivering sales org creating IV billing document and sending to internal customer / ordering sales org. How are these process steps done? As these might be in two different geographical locations, how is the sequence of generation of billing documents (i.e. First F2 and then IV) accomplished?

Please give me realtime scenarios.

Many thanks!

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Subject: Inter company condition type

In our case for F2 use T-code VF01 and wlll do it normally and for inter company IV use t-code VF04 and specify doc type as IV. Clicking on display billing list on application tool bar, select the delivery doc & by clicking "Individual billing" system generate Inter com Billing.

Harsha Halyal

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