RE:[sap-log-sd] Single Invoice for Same Customer With Multiple Deliveries

Posted by Typewriter
on Oct 1 at 9:00 AM
Please explain
"the payment date cannot be secured."

I am assuming that invoice combination is not the issue. The issue is that of the system ascertaining of payment date and on that basis giving the "cash discount" percentage to the customer (in the FI part).

In OBB8, if you change the settings to "Default for baseline date" = Posting date. Could that help? Try it.

If the issue is about some other thing, please give more information.

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Subject: Single Invoice for Same Customer With Multiple Deliveries


I believe it is possible to create a Single Invoice for same customer with multiple deliveries. Will it also be possible to capture sales order/ delivery numbers and print them on top of its respective line item?

What should be the copy control rules in Tran.code VTFL?

My settings are - Bill Type - F2 Invoice
From Delivery Type- LF Outbound Delivery
Copying Requirement - 003
Export data - A
Assignment - Blank
Ref Number - E
Checked- Copy Item Number

Item cat - TAN
F2 from LF
Copy Req- 004 Deliv-related item
Data VBRK/ VBRP - 902 PO Split Criteria
Billing Qty - B
Pos / Neg Qtyt -
pricing Type G

delviery types- same
delvieries being shipped from - same country
payment terms- same
bill-to or payer - same

Anything else required to create single invoice for multiple deliveries for one customer?

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