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Posted by Typewriter
on Oct 1 at 8:59 AM
Hi Adriano,

"Exclusion group" is the way forward.

For both, either step 20, 30 or step 50, 60; the Exclusion group, comparison method D could be the solution.
D = If condition records for the cond types of the first exclusion group, then all the condition records of the second exclusion group are deactivated.

Create 2 exclusion groups - E1, E2
put ZK02 in E1
put ZK01 in E2

requirement is if ZK02 exists, then it must be activate and ZK01 must be deactivated.

use comparison method D
create cond records for ZK02, ZK01
put ZK02 and ZK01 in your pricing procedure too (IMPORTANT)
in your PP amend step 20 is ZK02 and step 30 is ZK01

and test.
Do the same for ZK05 and ZK04

After above works well, Step 80 Total shall populate automatically. (= PR00 - discount that is active - discount2 that is active)

If there are any issues, let us know.

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From: Adriano Lopez
Sent: Thursday, September 29, 2011 9:32 PM
Subject: Discount - Exclusion

Hello, I have a scenario similar to this:

Step 10 Price PR00
Step 20 Price PB00
Step 30 = Gross value PB00 if overwritten, otherwise PR00
Step 20 Discount 1 ZK01 - Automatic
Step 30 Discount 2 ZK02 - Manual/overwritten to ZK01
Step 40 Discount Subtotal 1 = Get value from condition ZK02 if overwritten. Otherwise get value from ZK01.
Step 50 Discount 3 ZK04 - Automatic
Step 60 Discount 4 ZK05 - Manual/Overwritten to ZK04
Step 70 Discount subtotal 2 = Get value from condition ZK05 if overwritten. Otherwise get value from ZK04.
Step 80 Total = Step 30 minus step step 40 minus step 70.

Up to step 30 I am ok. How to setup rest of the steps? I tried condition exclusion functionality but lost in the middle.

Thank you.

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