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Hi Saratvamsi,

Thank you for this suggestion. It is a good one!

After observation of the warehouse, we have agreed to have a dedicated shipping point ("Room: Express delivery") and route for express deliveries. New shipping condition shall be given in the Express sales document type. Taking the idea from RO VOV8. The reason is for this customer, not all the deliveries are express deliveries, therefore changing the shipping condition in the CMR (SP) is not an option.

The two processes shall have their own Sales doc types and delivery types,
Standard process - Z1OR --> Z1LF
Express process - Z1RO --> Z2LF

Thus here both delivery types shall have different descriptions and different number ranges. Adding to that, different shipping points and routes. To make it clear for the delivery admistration staff which deliveries are for Std process and whic deliveries are for Express (rush order) process.
Additional motivation to create two different delivery types was for express deliveries a Special sales representative was to be mentioned in the delivery. Thus partner procedure different between the two delivery types.

FYI: There is also an extra surcharge for express process (compared with std process), but we are using the same pricing procedure as for Std process. Condition table (field) makes it possible for the system to find a valid cond record for Express delivery and not find a valid condition record for Standard delivery.

I have marked your post as helpful.

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Subject: Deliveries (LF) of RO Process and OR Process; Should be Clearly Differentiated

Hello Mr. Typewriter,

Usually, you can differentiate between these type of deliveries using different number ranges. But as you said you have the same number range, you may have to use another field to show the difference. Perhaps, did you not try using shipping condition.

It is just a thought, I'm sorry if I'm wrong.

Your feedback will be highly appreciated.

Warm regards,

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