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Posted by Typewriter
on Oct 27 at 3:08 PM
Hi Jeremy,

Many thanks for this helpful post. I have marked it as helpful.

One question - could you please explain the part of "Just create a DR order and bill"
Are you saying create a debitmemo request, why?

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From: Jeremy Aves
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Subject: Setup Sales Orders in Legacy System Before GoLive

From my perspective:

Open sales order, no del no invoice - re-key as an open order in SAP (we use an order reason for 're-key' so that finance can exclude from any bookings reports).

Sales order, invoiced not paid by the customer. Create the customer master, and upload the open AR balances (finance, really).

Sales order, delivered but not invoiced. This is the only problematic scenario....we put weeks of planning in to avoid this. You can just create a DR order and bill, but that doubles up the booking, and generally booking cost in one system and revenue in another is a challenge for FI reporting. Really, you need to either invoice everything that shipped in legacy, or back out the deliveries in legacy, load the inventory in SAP and deliver in SAP. Gets extra fun if you have relatively complex billing plans which are partially done.

Good luck.

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