RE:[sap-log-sd] How to Configure Samples-Sale Process?

Posted by Dutch
on Oct 27 at 6:00 PM
Hi TW,
In my experience the requirements of the sample process are mostly determined by Finance. Issuing samples typically consumes a budget, so the sale needs to be posted to a particular cost centre. I also find that often the requirement is to price the sample but apply 100% discount (which is a pricing type on the item category) so you know the market value of the sample. Finally, by using a sample order reason code on the order you can drive specific account determination.
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Subject: How to Configure Samples-Sale Process?

There might be two options (processes) to send samples to a customer.

1) FD --> LF
with KLN item category without pricing, relevance for billing

2) LO
Directly creating deliveries without creating sales orders.
with relevant item category and schedule line category to "accommodate" samples process (i.e. free, no billing, no transfer of requirement or availability check).

Could you please guide me with - based on your realtime experience - which would be the better way to go forward?

Many thanks, in advance!

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