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Posted by Dutch
on Oct 9 at 8:47 PM
You could try assigning a delivery block reason to the scheduling agreement line items, which blocks the requirements transfer. You would need to run transaction code VA14L (sales docs blocked for delivery) on a regular basis to release line items. Alternatively, you could run rescheduling (V_V2) on a regular basis where you sort the requirements by requested date, not creation date. If you do that the system will re-allocate available quantities to the order that needs it first, as opposed to the order that was created first.
Let me know if either solution would work for your scenario.

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From: Arnulfo Arias
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Subject: Scheduling Agreements - Availability Check and Available Quantity

I have the following scenario and I think I already got a little confused, I need somebody's opinion on this : We're creating Scheduling Agreements that have multiple Schedule Lines, let's say one Schedule Line per month and the Scheduling Agreement goes out for 1 year. We have a Schedule Line Category that does the Availability Check and obviously it goes against the Available Quantity and it reduces the Available To Promise Stock, so, if you haven't shipped it, you can always reassign it to a different document via the Backorder Option; but the point I want to ask you is, that's the correct way to do it, right? You do the Availability Check for each Item and considers each and everyone of the Schedule Lines and reduces the Available Quantity. Now, the question is, why would I want to Check Availability for the Schedule Lines that are planned for example to happen in 11 months more? I could have another Sales Document coming in just now for which the Customer wants delivered for example in a month and SAP will tell me there's nothing available since the Scheduling Agreement I placed took everything I had. What exactly is that I'm missing here? How should I be setting up this kind of Scenario? I know that if you're running MRP, then, SAP will determine that you're out of stock and will trigger either Purchase Requisitions and / or Purchase Orders and incoming Sales Documents should be confirmed based on those Planned Inbound Stock Movements as far as you consider them in your Availability Check Scope. On the other hand I guess I go back to my original question, why would I want to confirm Schedule Lines so far out in the future? Is there anything out there where I could consider just Schedule Lines that are planned for example to happen in the next 3 months. What the User wants is for SAP to go against the Available Quantity just for purposes of knowing what requirements are coming in; but they don't want the Available Quantity to be reduced which I don't know if it's possible and I'm not sure it's a good solution because basically you would be transferring requirements without really doing an Availability Check and you would be creating documents that have Schedule Lines to be shipped in the same period of time for which you won't really have Stock. If you have any idea about my question and also any thoughts regarding what the User wants please let me know. Thanks

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