RE:[sap-log-sd] Restrict Allocations to Future Sales Order Lines

Posted by ravi_nadendla (Business Analyst)
on Oct 28 at 8:15 AM
Hi Dutch,

I was planning with 'Conf.block' in OVZ7. I assigned delivery block to sales document type and checked 'Conf.block' with no value for 'Def.period' in OVZ7. I entered two sales document on 10/27/11, each order having only one line. For one sales document (there is only one order line) delivery date is 10/27/11 and other sales document (please note for this order also there is only order line) and other order line delivery date :10/28/11. I can see delivery block at the header level on the both the orders. When I entered and saved the two orders the lines are not confirmed (there is sufficient stock available for this material).

Next day (10/28/11) I ran re-scheduler (V_V2) thinking that it will created scheduled lines, but did not do, so I am little confused how this functionality works, I have following questions.

1. In OVZ7 if 'Conf.block' field is checked and nothing entered in 'Def.period' how the system works?
2. Am I doing anything wrong with my two examples (two sales docs above)
3. What happens to delivery block at sales document header. Should it be removed manually or system automatically removes? if so at what point of time.

I really appreciate your help.


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Subject: Restrict Allocations to Future Sales Order Lines


I have a requirement not to allocate stock to future sales orders. For example, if delivery date is beyond 10 days (from current date) we do not want to confirm order lines at the time of sales order entry, also rescheduler should not allocate for future orders (+10 days).

Appreciate your help.

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