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Hi Sarat,

Very well said!

Many thanks! I have marked your post as best answer and helpful.

Some more learning for me -
1. I thought Route was one of the mandatory fields, for a delivery to "get processed" (i.e. picking and PGI) but that is not the case.
If I delete route in my sales order, there is no route in my delivery but I can go on with my process, until billing document creation.

Having said the above, with settings in Incompletion log, we could make field Route (VBAP-ROUTE) behave the same as shipping point (with status group = 02).

2. Field Storage location is not in the Incompletion log. Thus the lack of storage location system behaves slightly differently, but end result is the same.
i.e. delivery # is NOT created.
This is because of field "Storage location required" for a delivery item category in 0VLP (zeroVLP).

(Previous to posting my query, I had just checked incompletion log which was assigned to sales order header and did not find any field in a procedure with status group 02. Definitely I should have thought harder by taking business scenarios.)


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In incompletion log there is a status group 02, by the use of which an incomplete sales order can be saved but no delivery document can be made unless that field is complete.

Could you please give me some real time examples where this has been or could be used?

Thank you, in advance!

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