Re: [sap-log-sd] Incompletion log, status group 02

Posted by sarat
on Oct 2 at 2:55 PM
Dear Mr. Typewriter,

Status group controls the incompletion of a document (I'm sure you are aware of it). Eg: Delivery document. It is impossible to carry out delivery without knowing the shipping point or storage location. Hence, we assign status group to incompletion procedure. You can save a sales order without most of the relevant data, but when it comes to delivery, because we have to action it, we require critical data, like I mention above.

Please do give me your feedback.

Warm regards,

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Subject: Incompletion log, status group 02

In incompletion log there is a status group 02, by the use of which an incomplete sales order can be saved but no delivery document can be made unless that field is complete.

Could you please give me some real time examples where this has been or could be used?

Thank you, in advance!

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