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Posted by Typewriter
on Oct 9 at 9:51 AM
Availability check has been set up in the following way -

1) In MMR - if user wants to TURN ON or TURN OFF availability check for a material, this can be done with the help of "Checking Group also called Availability check" in MMR, Tab MRP3, field "availability check".
Your company is transporting packaging material with the main material. For the packaging material company does not have to activate Availability check, in that case field "Availability check" could be set to KP. Then system shall NOT check availability for that material.

2) In Schedule line category level - if user wants to TURN ON or TURN OFF availability check for a material, this can be done with the help VOV6, field "availability check" = active or blank
For a material - say the same material in point 1 - company knows there is lots of material in the warehouse, then in a sales order, Tab Schedule lines, change the schedule line category to CN, NO availability check shall take place.

3) For setting up the rules of availability check - the combination of availability check & Checking rule is taken in OVZ9
Would replenishment period be taken in calculating availability check? Which stocks (e.g. Stock in inspection & or blocked area) shall be taken for the calculation of availability check shall be taken or not etc.?

4) Availability check in delivery item category - If there is NO stock, but still sales order is created. In the sales order, Tab Schedule lines, field Confirmed Quantity = 0.
During the creation of delivery, the system shall check the availability of stock and would NOT permit the creation of a delivery #. But if the user TURNS OFF availability check in 0VLP (zeroVLP) then delivery # can be created for a material which is NOT available.

The below link has been very useful to me, in understanding Availability check -

One of the best ways to understand these concepts would be to experient by testing with different values of all the above configuration elements (e.g. availability check, schedule line category, MRP type etc.)

If you have specific questions, then let us know.

Good luck and give it some time, it shall prove to be very interesting!

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For AVC to happen, we need to have all these defined - Reqt./MRP Class, Reqt. Type, Checking Rule, Checking Group, Schedule Line Category, Strategy Group and Planning Strategy. Could anybody please explain the same with an example involving all the above while determining AVC?

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