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1) When you create a sales order, what & how many line items do you see?

2) For how many EA have you given XEA free of charge goods?
3) What is the minimum quantity of goods, to be sold in a sales order, in order for free goods to be applicable?

4) Like Dilip has mentioned, have you assigned the Free goods PROCedure (e.g. NA0001) to Sales area, Document pricing procedure, Customer pricing procedure?
IMG>SD>BFunc>Free Goods>Condition Techenique for Free goods>Activate Free Goods Determination


You have given a lot of information. That could be a good thing. But it is also much effort to read ALL that.

If you are solving an issue, you could go in steps - e.g.
Issue with Free goods -
1) Has user created a condition record? check in VBN2
2) Is the Free goods procedure assigned to the correct Sales Area, DoPP, CuPP?
3) If problem still persists, in my FG procedure, or my Access sequence - are there any requirements NOT being fulfilled?
4) Coming to my Document type, Item categories (main and sub-item) - check in VOV4

Going straight to the key areas (relevant areas) could give a clear signal to people around you, that you know the way SAP SD is set up and you have a structured way of going about development / issue solving / etc.

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Subject: Determine the Free Goods TAAN While Creating Standard Order (OR)

I am having a problem in determining the free goods TAAN while creating standard order OR (using OR, not copied using z or y).
For you to understand it better I am describing all the steps and what I expect after configuration as follows.

Created material master (1655 as finished goods FERT) created basic data view 1 in the material section selected " NORM" in the general item category group which is standard item and material group field chosen 00208 , 2, Sales organization data accounting selected item category group "Norm" material pricing group 01, and acct assignment group 03.

Defined my own pricing procedure.
Added R100 condition type and specified requirement 55 and routine 28. (100% discount )
I already created condition records (exclusive and inclusive both). After configuration steps for instance Maintain pricing procedure: activate free goods determination; control free goods pricing; maintain condition type for 100% discount; maintain pricing procedure for pricing; set transfer of cost to main item (copy control); and maintain copying control (VTAA).

Since configuring all the above steps, I went to VA01 using (OR) to create sales order. What I expect that the system will automatically determine a line item for my material 1665 and the free goods would also have an effect on as the condition record has been maintained for free goods. Once I enter the material 1665 which is (FERT standard order which is TAN) but the free goods are not being taken care of by the system automatically.

I used transaction code vov4 to check the item category assignment. It seems OK. Let me know if I need to assign in a different sequence . As I already mentioned my sales document type < OR >.Item Category. group is <Norm > item usage < free> that's for free goods. Item category high level Item< what should I choose). Item category < what should I choose>
My document type is OR.
My item category group is NORM.
My item usage should be FREE.
Item category high level item is material 1665 standard item (FERT) which is TAN.
Item category TAAN (FOR free goods).

Please let me know the sequence. Whether I need to create a new entry in vov4. If I do need to, let me know in which sequence.

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