RE:[sap-log-sd] Duplicate serial numbers for same material in stock?

Posted by Nimalan
on Oct 17 at 7:07 AM
dear Stephen,
please advice me, we are using unique system to our company, this is not SAP please try to answer my question. we don't have unique serial number to our company. when we import a items same serial number is there. because still previous item stored in warehouse even product company again again provide same serial number. even though after export that item normally they don't have that serial number but we still having that serial number. how can i get answer? we are supplying more than 500 items so i can't ask from them. but we can write a program through IT to different between those item. after sale some times that item come back to warranty work while we are going to face problem again.

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From: Ravi Nadendla
Sent: Thursday, July 14, 2011 9:07 PM
Subject: Duplicate serial numbers for same material in stock?


I have a material (X) with a serial number (Y) in in customer consigned stock. Our user created customer return order (order type:RE) with no order reference and brought into unrestricted stock for same material(X) with same serial number (Y). The system allowed this. I am under the impression, it should not allow same material (X) with same serial number(Y) in stock more than once, it is a serial number duplicate situation. We have serial numbers defined at client level - unique number at client level. Am I missing some configuration or standard SAP (we are on ECC6.0) allows this?

Appreciate your help.


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