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Posted by srinivas-y
on Oct 17 at 5:56 AM

if you want to block the order customer wise then you have to set it at
Customer Master. go to customer master of the customers and from Menu bar go
to Extras and select 'Blocking Data'. it displays the screen as below.
[image: image.png]

here you can put the block .

thanks ,

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From: 23hawk
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Subject: Delivery Block

Our system creates orders automatically and also creates deliveries automatically through a job. So I want 1 customer blocked so I can review the order before it creates a delivery so I can select what items are on a given delivery. I cannot find a way to put a delivery block on the sales order and be able to release the sales order without going to xd02 every time to release it. I want to be able to release the sales order manually. Dave has the right idea --> "3- default a delivery block into every order for a given customer (which can be removed if necessary in the order), " I want to be able to remove the block in the order. I cannot find a way to do this.

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