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Please give some scenarios, as examples. (both standard and exception process). Donot use any short-forms or else give full-forms beside the short forms (e.g. MTM etc.)

What I understand -

1) No matter what the material #, business wants to give Carry cases (free goods), depending upon - Country, Sales Org, Sales Office, Carry Case


if material xyz is sold in Singapore, by s org SG90, and sales office SG20, then per EA of material one free good (carry case) 30R5017 shall be given.
Is this understanding correct?

2) For some materials - e.g. 7674DV3, what shall happen -
- carry case 41A4668 shall NOT be given free?
- another carry case shall be given?

If possible, please paste the entire business requirement. That shall probably help in giving an exact fit answer.

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Subject: Determine the Free Goods TAAN While Creating Standard Order (OR)

Hi Guru:

Carry case is free good item for Note Book. Example of List of table.

NB Exception 1 (MTM)
Material Carry Case
7674DV3 41A4668
7674HT1 41A4668

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