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As Dave has informed, in order to satisfy your companies requirement, a customized development was done. Thus please ask the SD consultant or the SAP support team. They would be able to help you.

It is important to understand and realize why this requirement was configured / set up in SAP in the first place. And explain to the SD consultant / team member your requirement, taking a long term perspective in to consideration (not that for 10 days you want something, and then you realize that you want something else; that would cost money and time)

Depending upon the way this setup has been done, different outcomes shall be possible. I propose you do the below test -
In sandbox, create a new sales document type and then create a sales order with a negative margin. See if the system is blocking the creation of this sales order. Also you could use the standard pricing procedure (RVAA01)

Inform us about the results.


E.g. Business does not want to create sales orders which have a loss (i.e. negative margin) for obvious reasons. With the help of the system, the management has ELIMINATED the possibility of creating a sales order with negative margin (thus at the very beginning of the sales process).

Good post! I have marked it as helpful.

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Subject: Negative Margin with Sales Order Process

Hi Experts,

When we process sales order if the margin is negative the syastem block the order but I need when the system have negative margin not to block the order how can I do that? please I need your support.

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