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Posted by Typewriter
on Oct 17 at 7:07 PM

Too good ;)
We have sales order blocks, where do we use these? could you please give a business example?

On a general note - keep up the good work!


This "assigning" of Block to document type, is also applicable to delivery blocks
Thus for a block to function properly, there are two steps -
1. Assign block to document type (i.e. delivery block to delivery type or billing block to billing type)
2. Put block in sales document type VOV8 (or in sales order in VA01)

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To add to Typewriter's response, also don't forget to assign the billing block reason to the subsequent billing document type.. Otherwise the block on the sales order won't be any good!
The assignment of billing blocks to billing document types is in the Billing area of SPRO.
Hope this helps,

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