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Posted by sarat
on Oct 4 at 5:42 AM
Dear Mr. Typewriter,

I'm really sorry that I tried to explain a complex topic (data migration) in a simple way. In reality, the strategy difference from client to client. It all depends on what client wants in the new system. I am gathering some data on this and will share with you as and when I find something useful.

Regarding the below query, creating a credit memo request or a returns order for a migrated sales order, I believe we have to create a delivery and billing for all the orders for which RE are still valid. Probably some of the senior pros in the forum can through more light on it.

Sorry for not being more helpful.

Warm regards,

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Please help me understand the below scenario -
In case of RE return process, ONLY return orders with reference to billing document is configured in SAP, for a company.
For sales order #100 customer has made the payment. & we choose to migrate sales order #100 in to the new SAP system (without its delivery and billing document).

If customer has to be given a credit because of poor quality of goods from sales order #100. Then how can a RE return order be created?

Thank you for your patience!

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