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Just to give you a general sense, Paymetric's pricing is based on the number of Authorization transactions performed. So if you process 500 authorizations a month and settle 400 of them, the Paymetric pricing is based on 500 transactions. Similar to a cell phone plan, that may put a merchant into the 1000 transactions or less tier and cost (as an example - a Sales Executive would need to provide a quote) 1000 GBP per month. If the merchant processes 3000 Authorization transactions per month that may be in the next tier and cost 1500 GBP per month. So in order to give an accurate quote for the monthly fee we'd need to know the number of Authorization transactions performed each month.

In addition, there is a fixed setup fee for creating the requisite accounts in Paymetric's SaaS environment and we'll also provide an estimate of the amount of consulting that we think the customer will need to use in order to implement the full solution. This is a Time & Materials estimate and the customer is only billed for actual time spent. The typical project estimate we give out is around 150-200 hours. The average project time duration tends to be 12-16 weeks in length but varies based on customer resource availability and the scope of the project.

If you'd like more specific information or a quote for a specific customer I'd suggest you contact me directly so I can introduce you to a Sales Executive.


Eric Bushman

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Hi Eric,
Back on this again. A quick question, just to have an idea of the cost for Paymetric's solution for payment card interface between SAP and the clearing house (ITS for example) that's for our customer un, the UK.
Many thanks.

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