[sap-log-sd] DIP profile Workcenter and Activitytype

Question from Rachid on Mar 1 at 10:24 AM
Dear professionals,

I have the flowing issue:

We are using network operations for posting the hours based on activity type. The operations have also a workcenter based on a function.
In SD we want to bill through DIP profile (resource related billing) the combination of Activity type and Workcenter

Act= 1234 + WC= Al123 -? Mat= 987654 " Consultant C"
Act= 4564 + WC= Bl122 -? Mat= 923456 " Consultant B"

In the network confirmation we see that the workcenter is filled, but the DIP profile does not find the combination. I think that the workplace is not part of the financial posting.

Can somebody help to realize this functionality

Thanks in advance
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