Re: [sap-log-sd] UOM Conversion LB to KG and KG to LB

Reply from hovering_yogi on Mar 5 at 2:20 PM
But what do you sell the container or mixed materials as?

Clearly not a KG or LB presumably.

So do you put on the sales order 1 EA of a container material master code
containing 50 x, 100y, and 2000z? (whether or not you just list this as a
material or explode a BOM doesn't really matter too much) - so lets say for
example CTNX01

Are you saying you want the system to report a gross weight of 44,000LBS
when the Americans order it and 20,000KG when the Europeans order it?

If so then you need two units of measure an EA for KG's then a EAU in the
additional units of measure where 1 Ea = 1 EAU with LB as the weight unit
(you don't have to capture the actual weight the system will do
conversion). Then make sure the American sales org has sales unit EAU, and
the European sales org EA on the material master data.

Of course given the Americans sound like the larger part of the business
you might want the EA to be in LB's and the alternate copy of EA (perhaps
EAE) in KG.

Maybe I've misunderstood what you want but if what's above is pretty much
what you are trying to achieve I don't know how to do it without creating a
'dummy' UOM to do the conversion.

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From: Ian Worral
Sent: Monday, March 05, 2012 1:49 PM
Subject: UOM Conversion LB to KG and KG to LB

Hi Steve,

Yes, container as well as mixed materials. The client has over hundred
thousand items for US and over 7 thousand for UK.


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