[sap-log-sd] VPRS issue in 3rd Party billing

Question from Sean_XJ on Feb 9 at 1:52 PM
Hi Expert

We have an issue for 3rd party process of billing to customer. the VPRS has the Value determined in the item conditions tab, but the cost VBRP-WAVWR is showing as "0".
In the detail view of VPRS, it shows Inactive via formulae of incorrect.

Below is the whole document created :

1, 01/10/2012 : SO
2, 01/13/2012: ProForma Billing (F5), At this time the Cost was retrieved from Material Master
3, 01/17/2012: 3rd Party PO created with the Main Goods Cost
4, 01/31/2012 : Change 3rd Party PO to add Freight Charge
5, 01/31/2012 : Good Receipt
6, 1/31/2012 Night: Billing (F2) created on via background job, the VPRS has both cost of Main Goods and Freight in Conditions Tab, but the cost of VBRP-WAVWR is 0.

There is a Flag of VPRS in condition detail view, KOMV-KINAK showing (Inactive via formulae of incorrect), but I am not sure where is wrong.

We have the background job of SD_VPRS_UPDATE run after Billing create.

Any suggestion will be appreciate.
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