[sap-log-sd] Price Condition for Calculating Package Price

Question from Chandrashekar on Feb 21 at 10:45 AM
In the Pricing procedure we have a list price condition that has access sequence to get the material price for per unit (1 or 50 or 100). For a material having per as 100 Ea the minimum order quantity is 250 Ea (Which is the Package quatity). Currently the list price condition is giving us only the per 100 price for the material which is extended for the order quantity. Now we need to have a price condition to calculate the price for 250 Ea (Package qty) and this should be extended to the order qty value.

To achieve this I created a price condition ZPKG and put it below the List Price condition ZLST. I made ZLST as Statistical and put a calculation formula for ZPKG to bring the value to it. But in debug mode we forced values for this condition but they are becoming zero after executing completely. Please help me on this and suggest a best way to get the package price through the pricing procedure calculations itself.

Qty Ordered = 2500

CnTy Name Amount Crcy Per Unit Cond Value Crcy
ZLST List Price 8.41 CAD 100 EA 210.25 CAD
ZPKG Pkg Price 0.00 CAD 1 EA 0.00 CAD
ZDIS Discount 15.500- % 32.59- CAD
ZETP Round Diff 7.11 CAD 100 EA 210.34 CAD
ZNTP Net Price 7.11 CAD 100 EA 177.75 CAD
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