[sap-log-sd] Multiple billing outputs question?

Question from Tiru on Feb 15 at 5:26 PM
Hi SD Gurus

Want to get some help / suggestions on the following scenario ; We have
output masters for billing created with medium of Email. So, SAP detemines
the output when billing documents are created and I can run VF31 and
process my outputs. Now, if we need to generate 'print' outputs for a batch
of contracts or customers, this becomes an issue..b'cos the users have to
manually process the invoices and create an output with 'Print'
medium..this is extremely time consuming and unproductive. I thought of
creating another output type with this medium, but wondering how to
generate a mass output for this medium without generating the print output
at the first instance..this Print output has to be in mass but at
demand..hope I conveyed requirements appropriately..


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