RE:[sap-log-sd] A Value Cannot Be Set for Target Quantity in Sub-Items

Reply from Karl_Rockwell_Consulting on Feb 3 at 6:55 AM
The limitation of changing target quantity in sub-items via vcsd_update-zmeng is logical. When you change the quantity of the BOM header, it changes the quantity of sub-items proportionately. If the target qty is calculated in sub-items independent of the BOM header qty, you could have some issues.

This exit is very useful to allow you to change any vbap field from VC. This is especially helpful when vbap fields are conditionally required or changed based on VC. I have created other enhancements to change vbkd, veda, and user statuses too.

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From: dave_stanforth
Sent: Wednesday, February 01, 2012 4:16 AM
Subject: A Value Cannot Be Set for Target Quantity in Sub-Items

I have a configurable material which explodes out to a three items, another of which is configurable as well. Everything works correctly - when I check the characteristics of the sub item, the correct value is associated with the sub-item. However, after viewing I get the title message. In looking at the long text, it is telling me the following:

A value cannot be set for Target quantity in sub-items
Message no. V1838

Your system configuration means that values cannot be set in the following fields for sub-items:

1. KWMENG = Sales order item quantity
2. VRKME = Sales unit
3. UMVKZ = Conversion numerator
4. UMVKN = Conversion denominator

5. ZMENG = Sales order item target quantity
6. ZIEME = Target sales unit
7. UMZIZ = Conversion numerator
8. UMZIN = Conversion denominator

--How do i change the 'system configuration' to allow this type of change? According to the doc, it's a valid changeable characteristic in VCSD_UPDATE - ZMENGE.

A follow-up message 'Target quantity 3.000 not copied from the configuration' and the more detailed long text explanation is as follows:

Target quantity 3.000 not copied from the configuration
Message no. V1893

The system could not copy the value, which was set by the configuration, to the sales document.

Check the configuration

**So where do I check the configuration??**



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