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Reply from edshortt on Feb 2 at 9:43 AM
Hello Laurie,
There is standard SAP configuration that you could put in place to allow certain "Item Category" on the standard sales order to be relevant during copy control of such standard order into a WV Sales Contract ... but the trigger even will be manual and not automatic

But if what you are trying to do is to automate the manual process, and for that, you need to define your trigger event (e.g. 'when the sales order is saved with such a material' for example)
For that, I think you will have to create an enhancement request; of course, you do not want to hard code the document types, materials, etc. So I recommend you define a Functional Spec that could use records you maintain in STVARV for example, where you could maintain for example "ZSource_Document_type" (To control the enhancement is only executed for particular sales order type), "ZMaterial" (To control which materials or material group or product hierarchy will trigger this creation of such a contract, of course, you need to decide on only one of those material master fields to use :) ), also maintain "ZTarget_Countract_type" (To control what is the target document that should be created)
In that way, if in the future you want to add more materials or material groups or product hierarchies to this functionality, you only add a new record in STVARV and it will work withouth need for new code, same with activating this for other source documents or changing the target document (Of course, standard copy control needs to be setup)
Hope that helps

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From: Laurie Crow
Sent: Wednesday, February 01, 2012 7:45 PM
Subject: Service Contract from Standard Order

Does anyone know of configuration that can be done so that a Service Contract (WV) will be automatically created based on the existence of certain materials on a Standard Order (OR)?

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