RE:[sap-log-sd] RVAA01, RVAAUS, or RVAXUS

Reply from Adriano on Feb 27 at 1:42 PM
Thank you all for the suggestion.

I saw many tax related condition types in these procedures:

- In RVAA01, I saw single condition type:
*MWST - Output Tax, access sequence MWST
- In RVAAUS, I saw three condition types:
*UTX1 - State Sales Tax, access sequence UTX1
*UTX2 - County Sales Tax, and access sequence UTX2
*UTX3 - City Sales Tax, access sequence UTX3
- In RVAXUS, I saw 7 tax related condition types without access sequence except the first one.
*UTXJ - Tax Jurisdict.Code (access sequence UTX1)
*XR1 - Tax Jur Code Level 1
*XR2 - Tax Jur Code Level 2
*XR3 - Tax Jur Code Level 3
*XR4 - Tax Jur Code Level 4
*XR5- Tax Jur Code Level 5
*XR6- Tax Jur Code Level 6

How XR1 - XR6 are supposed to work without access sequence?

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From: Adriano
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Subject: RVAA01, RVAAUS, or RVAXUS

Hello experts,

In an implementation project which pricing procedure we should use RVAA01, RVAAUS, or RVAXUS? What is the role of external tax interface in selecting the pricing procedure and tax condition types?

Thank you in advance.

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