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Reply from Adriano on Feb 15 at 8:37 AM
Two steps process:
1. Finding a field in customer master: With the help of developer, you can create your own custom field (eg ZPROFITCENTER) in customer master by creating Ffourth view Additional Data view using badi. Don't create fields in existing 'General data' or 'Sales area' or 'Company code' view. Instead, most probably, you may have several unused fields in customer master. Select the unused field with appropriate length to use as profit center.
2. Flowing field from customer master to sales order: I think, you can use use user exit MOVE_FIELD_VBAK in program MV45AFZZ to populate fields from customer master to sales order header. But make sure which partner to use - sold-to or ship-to or payer?

Flowing fields from customer master to sales order is not that difficult. You can use 'texts' or 'partner function' functionality for this purpose. But moving it to a specific field in sales order is a special consideration.

If you specify your functional requirement clearly in your functional spec, a developer can get this done. But as a functional analyst, I still have the question, why you want to populate profit center from customer master?

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HI All,

My client requirement is to populate the profit center into sales order from customer master data instead of material master data.

1)Is this possible by selecting a field in customer master master data of having the same length of profit center and with help of abaper can will meet the requirement.
if so what could be the user exit and which field is best for profit center in customer master data.
2)If the first option is not feasible then maintaining custom table is advisable.

Please ignore my unfamiliarity and provide me solution with your valuable suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

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