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That is why I asked the questions I asked. I believe in order to get the system to react properly, you need to separate the tests in different tables. These usually go in the order of what you need specifically. So in the example given, with CUSTOMER as the only item, if there is a customer-specific condition, then the customer is in that first table. Once SAP finds the customer in the table, they will get that condition. If not, they do not have a customer-specific condition and the search would continue to the next table and so forth. It's imperative that the customer only appear in the table for which you want them to get the condition listed. So if Customer is one table, Customer/Material is second and Customer/Material/Customer Group is third, if you want them to be subject to the third, then they cannot appear in the other two before it. Remember, whatever SAP finds first, "wins".

If SAP hits the last in the series and no record in any table passed the tests, you will get a "no price" condition.

- Lou

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From: Adriano Lopez
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Subject: Is Special Access Sequence Possible?

Hello experts,

I have a discount condition ZDIS with access sequence (ZDIS) as follows:
- Access # 10 Customer
- Access# 20 Customer/Material
- Access # 30 Customer pr group/Material
- Access # 40 Customer pr group/ Material pr group

Instead, can I create a single access sequence (ZDS2) as follows for the use in ZDIS condition type?
- Access # 10 Customer/Material/Customer pr group/Material pr group

In VK11, I don't want all these fields to be compulsory. i.e

1) In VK11, if I enter 'Customer' only and the amount, this record should be pulled in the sales order. (Rest of the fields should be optional)
2) If I enter 'Customer pricing gr/material' key combination only in VK11, I want this record to be pulled in sales order.

The only intention is to prevent the multiple steps in access sequence.

Is there any standard configuration available for this?

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