RE:[sap-log-sd] Error 'complete delivery requestd' with VL10A

Reply from wnash7658 on Feb 29 at 1:37 AM
This message appears in the code itself and I do not think it is possible to change via OBA5.

Further, from my knowledge VL10A will fail if there is any message returned. And one question, if the confirmed date is in the future then how do you have stock and there should be two schedule lines in the sales order for the TAN material item?

Also see what happens when you use the field CalcRuleDefltDlvCrDt where the value is blank? Lastly in VL10A check the User Role parameters.



---------------Original Message---------------
From: Tim Saul
Sent: Thursday, December 04, 2003 5:43 AM
Subject: Error 'complete delivery requestd' with VL10A

We are trying to move to automatic delivery creation but when we create
deliveries using VL10A with more than one item line we get the error VL049
"The customer has requested complete delivery".

This is despite all schedule lines being confirmed for the same date. Only
item 1 on the sales order is a stock item (item category TAN) and stock is
available for this item, all the rest are TAX items. The confirmed date is
a little way into the future but I wouldn't thought this would make any
difference if you push the selection date out far enough.

The delivery can be created without errors using VL01N.

We are on release 46B hot-pack 44.

Any help much appreciated.

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