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If you look at the partner function definition in partner procedure determination, there's a field called "Superior Partner Function". In standard configuration, the superior partner function for 1A -> 1B, 1B -> 1C,.. and so on.. As a result the system tracks it all the way upto 1D. If you change this superior partner definitions, then the partner function being determined on sales document will change.

So, if you make the superior partner function for 1A as blank, then 1A type of partner function will be determined.

This is how it can be implemented through configuration.. But can you explain what's the business requirement for determining 1A type of partner function?


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Dear SAP Gurus,

I known many people have asked this question before. But there weren't any replies for this question. Hence want to ask once again.

I have maintained customer hierarchy 1A in IMG and created customer hierarchy master data in SAP ECC. Also maintained the hierarchy through VDH1N

The problem is when I create an order, the hierarchy data is not copied into the sales order. I tried to manually assign 1A hierarchy and the customer into the customer function view, an error message appears as following:

" Partner from function customer hierarchy 1 can not be processed online."

Can anyone advise me on how to maintain the partner determination? Also do I need to maintain the partner functions 1A or 1B on customer master.

Thank you very much.

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