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Reply from Mary on Feb 10 at 12:17 PM
Have a look at user exit USEREXIT_AVAILABILITY_IN. We added just a bit of code here to extend the SAP Lead Time days so that we could schedule our sales orders against Purchase Order past lead time. You'll need an ABAP person. I'm willing to share mine. :)

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From: Stephen Baker
Sent: Thursday, February 09, 2012 10:26 AM
Subject: Customer Delivery Window Query?

Has anyone (without APO) ever processed a delivery window requirement.

Scenario - Thursday this week customers ask for order at end of next week. To maximise transport efficiency customer is asked if they would accept early delivery if it was available. 1 customer agrees to any day of the week (i.e Mon - Fri) another says from Wednesday onwards would be acceptable. Both orders would take 3 working days to deliver excl weekends. Mat available for the requested delivery date is therefore Wednesday next week (ignoring pick pack etc for now)

So lets say shipping have capacity today and push the date selection in VL10 out to Thursday next week. As 3 day routes (still ignoring pick pack etc for now) delivery would effectively occur Monday.

The order for the customer who accepts any time in the week should therefore be selected, as it would by standard, but the order for the customer that doesn't want delivery until Wednesday earliest should be dropped from the due list.

Contemplating capturing the earlierst date in the sales order (Z extension), and then finding the appropriate user exit to do the calc and decide whether the order should be excluded from the due list.

Anyone done anything similar?

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