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Hi saps,

Thank you for your post!
Indicating possible solutions from two different topics gives the opportunity to explore and think about varied possible solutions. That is why I have marked your post as helpful. :)

1. Free goods – If we want to configure in such a way that the free goods are also charged. Then we would have to change the item category determination (in VOV4, changing standard TANN to ZTNN, Sales document type+Item category gr+Usage+Higher item category = Default item category, Manual item category).
By this way when user enters 1EA of MAT1 then 1EA of MAT2 would populate automatically with prices for both. But there would be an impact if we want to have this configuration and standard free goods configuration.
Could you please think about the above and give your comments?

2. BOM – could you please check if in a sales order the sub-item can be deleted.
E.g. BOM created – main item = MAT1, 1EA; sub item = MAT2, 1EA
In sales order when only MAT1 is ordered then the second line item with MAT2 should be deleted, is this possible?

Later, I too would do the above two tests. We shall compare our results.

Thank you in advance!

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Subject: Addition of Material in Sales Order

What I understand is that whenever a material A is to be ordered in a sales order, the material B should automatically be ordered along with A. I feel this happens only in the case of free goods or in the BOM logic where we order one good and the others pop-up. Is my understanding of your question correct?


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