Re: [sap-log-sd] Ship to Party at Sales Order Item Level

Reply from srinivas-y on Feb 28 at 1:05 AM
Hi Bans,

It is not possible as per Standard SAP.

I need some clarifications on this.

1) for this Order if you select different SH partner, what about other
Customer Orders?
2) is this requirement is only for this Order ? or for all the Orders? if
it is for every order it is not at all possible.

even if you do enhancement what logic do you write, on what basis the
system propose the SH to?

i hope that it is possible in one way, if the orders are created by using
EDI i.e., IDOC, then the ordering party can define the different SH on
their PO and then in SAP we can create the order with different SH to. with
reference to that PO.

if i am wrong please correct me.


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From: bans1
Sent: Monday, February 27, 2012 5:32 AM
Subject: Ship to Party at Sales Order Item Level

Hi experts,

Here is a requirement from my client,

For customer 'A', three ship to parties
like A,B,C

Raised a sales order
system proposes three ship-to-parties
we need to select one from three.

let say 'A' is selected

system will pick only 'A' for all the line items.

now in the line item 1, I want ship to party as 'A'
line item 2 ship-to-party as 'B'
line item 3 ship-to-party as 'C'

system will not pickup 'B' for line item 2 and 'C' for line item 3 automatically

we can change manually line item 2 ship-to-party to 'B' and line item3 ship-to-party to 'C'.

I don't want these changes manually.

I want these changes automatically picked up.

Is this possible by any configuration or customization?

Is it requiring any enhancement?
and I am aware because of three different ship-to- parties subsequent delivery split could take place.

Please help me with your valuable suggestions.


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