Re: [sap-log-sd] Rescheduling Updating the ATP Sate

Reply from jim-wolfe on Feb 22 at 5:30 PM
It should as long as the fixed date and qty flag is not checked, and there are not other open requirements that would have a higher priority, e.g. a lower # delivery priority, that would take that inventory once it is recognized as being available.

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From: SusanS
Sent: Wednesday, February 22, 2012 4:55 PM
Subject: Rescheduling Updating the ATP Sate

Does rescheduling update the ATP date if material is received in before the proposed ATP date? For example, material x at the time of order entry was not available and had an ATP date of 5/1/12. The material was received in early and had a received date of 3/1/12. When rescheduling runs, will the schedule line update from 5/1 /12 to 3/1/12?

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