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You can create the agent as one of your customer by configuring the agent as one of the business partner. Simply go to the partner determination functionality and define the commission agent as one of the partner in sales document header and perform all the partner related functions for the agent so as to get the commission agent on the partner function tab of the customer master in the sales area data along with the other partners being SP, SH, BP & PY.

Then you need to define the commission agent under the V-11 t.code with the number range as 0005.
Then you will be able to perform the required operations.
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Subject: Does Agents Need to be Created as Vendors?

Today we create our agents that is to receive agent commission as vendors, then connect the vendors as a VN partner type in the customer master partner function.
In VK11 we then create the price condition for agent commission. This works, but...

Is there another way to handle agents? Is it possible to create the agent as a customer instead of a vendor?

For bonus we are using rebate agreements, is it possible to treat the agents commission the same way as bonus agreements?

Pro and cons?

Thank you!

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