[sap-log-sd] Common Distribution of Channels and Assign SORG,

Question from saps on Jan 12 at 8:40 AM

When we are doing the config. settings in IMG assigning sorg, dch and plant, the F1 help for dch says:

Reference distrib.channel for customer and material masters
Specifies a distribution channel that you want to use as a reference for customer and material master data for other distribution channels.

You can specify one distribution channel as the source of customer and material master data for other distribution channels. You need then only to maintain the data in one place.

Distrib.channel Ref.distrib.channel
01 01
02 01
03 01
04 04

In this example, only distribution channels 01 and 04 have customer and material master data defined. Distribution channels 01, 02, and 03 share the master data that you defined for distribution channel 01. Distribution channel 04 has its own master data. When you create a sales order in distribution channel 03, the system checks the customer and material master data against the data defined for distribution channel 01

In that case, why do we again need to assign common dist channels specially?

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