[sap-log-sd] Change in Reconciliation Account Not Possible

Question from apara-dare on Jan 13 at 1:24 AM
I wanted to change the reconciliation account in the company code area of a particular customer in the customer master data using Tcode XD02; lets say from 140001 to 220005 but it gave me this error log below:

"""Account has been posted to; hold balance sheet adjustment
Message no. F2067

The open item account in which you want to change the reconciliation account has been posted to.

By changing the reconciliation account in the open item master record the proportionate values from the items open at the time of change are not posted to the new reconciliation account.

On the balance sheet key date the open items from the old reconciliation account are allocated to the new reconciliation account using adjustment accounts. This allocation is carried out automatically when you create a sorted list of receivables and payables using report SAPF101.

The postings necessary are only carried out for G/L accounts and are cancelled on the first day of the subsequent month (balance sheet adjustment posting)."""

I was thinking of waiting till the first day of the next month before changing it but I need a better solution from you gurus.
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