[sap-log-sd] Allocations by Rescheduler not Correct

Question from ravi_nadendla on Jan 19 at 11:48 PM

We have checking rule that includes only purchase orders. For a material, we have open purchase order for quantity:45 pieces, where as we have multiple customer orders for total quantity:50. We have no stock on hand, only open purchase order for quantity:45. When we ran rescheduler all the customer orders for quantity 50 are confirmed (allocated). I am expecting rescheduler to confirm only quantity:45 (open PO quantity) but surprisingly it allocated stock for all customer orders. Then again I created a new customer order (for same material) for quantity:10 and ran rescheduler which is also confirmed. I am not expecting this order to be confirmed either. Basically rescheduler is allocating more than available stock (open PO).

What could be the reason? Any configuration missing? I appreciate any input.

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